May 24, 2011

Extreme Tennis Overload, And An Idea I Only Came Up With Halfway Through This Post

     I dread every tennis Grand Slam event, because that means instead of hearing insightful discussion on the hottest sports topics of the day, ESPN2 broadcasts tennis all afternoon, no matter how uninteresting the matches are.  There's a solid week of 4-set matches between a fringe top 20 player and the hopeless unseeded guy, and straight-set demolitions of another hopeless unseeded guy at the hands of Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic.  I don't think people who care about tennis even watch those matches.  Why not wait until the quarterfinals or something before putting it on national TV?  The only solid-looking match I saw today was Nadal/Isner, and I would've only cared about the last set.  Does anyone even watch a whole early-round tennis match?
     This leads me to the idea I just came up with.  ESPN should have a channel called ESPN Highlights.  (Not that they really need another one; they already have at least 4 channels, but just bear with me.)  ESPN Highlights would show the most exciting thing happening at the moment, sort of like NFL Red Zone, but in real time.  The awesome tall American guy just took Nadal to a 5th set?  Let's get that on ESPNH.  That close 4th quarter NBA game is now a 10-point game?  Switch it to an extra-inning MLB game.  ESPNH would be the greatest thing to happen to sports since the yellow first down line.  You could get your fill of athletic suspense without having to search all over for it.  Though I'm pretty sure it would have had the Mahut/Isner Wimbledon match on for three days straight.


  1. Whoever walk into the bosses office at the NFL Network and said "Hey, I got an idea, this thing I thought of called "RED ZONE". That guy should have been given anything he wanted in return. Best thing ever.Can't think of another sport that they could do it live with. MLB on a slight delay around all the games would work, but I think that is it.

  2. You did not even mention the worst part of those matches, all the fake grunting. I swear I have to watch most of the matches on mute.