May 24, 2011

The Holy Grail Of Fandom

     The sports world has been buzzing over Joakim Noah using a gay slur toward a fan in Miami, and a lot of it has dealt with how much Noah should have been fined by the NBA.  Many people are comparing his offense to Kobe using the same word about a referee a few weeks ago, for which Kobe was fined $100,000.  The heart of the issue is whether it's worse to curse at an official or at a paying customer.
     To me, the answer is obvious.  Harassing a referee is far worse.  The fan probably loved it.  If he had the money, he might have paid Noah $50,000 rather than wanting him fined.  I'm sure the guy is bragging to all his friends about how an NBA player called him gay.
     I've had rampside seats at a couple of WWE shows, and the main goal for anyone there is to interact with the wrestlers.  You ask for high fives, you make a sign in support of your favorite wrestler, you reach out and try to touch one as they walk past, and you say the meanest things you can without upsetting the parents of the little kids around you.  Anything to get a wrestler to notice you.  One of my favorite moments at a WWE event is still when 400-pounder Mark Henry turned around and told our section to shut up.
     There's nothing more special than getting a moderately famous person to notice you out of an entire crowd of people and have them say something directly to you.  Even if that exchange is horrendously rude.

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