May 3, 2011

May 3: 3 Of The Most Underrated Commercials

     This idea started with Cinco de Mayo.  My plan was to do a Mayo de Cinco (May of Five) where I would do top fives of a bunch of different stuff, but then I decided there were only a few things for which I could actually come up with a top five.  So instead I'll be doing a May of Greatness, in which I chronicle things I really like.  Today, in the spirit of the third of May, here are three commercials I think are really underrated:

1.  ESPN App- The Cowboy
     The way he says "Van Gundy", the laugh, and the music just crack me up every time.  That's really the only reason it's on this list.

2.  Snickers- Patrick Chewing
     This commercial contains only four sentences (five if you count the voice at the end).  But it all comes together in one simple, funny package, and that's what makes it great.  That, and the fact that Patrick's dunk sets off car alarms.

3.  GoToMeeting- Mr. Sushi
     In my opinion, this is one of the best pieces of commercial genius ever.  So many commercials today focus around one guy who's a complete idiot, and it just spends all its time making fun of him.  This one is great because it has the look of a standard "idiot" commercial, and then suddenly the idiot pulls out GoToMeeting and wins the competition.  I think it's fantastic.

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