May 10, 2011

Sports Haiku 2: Paul Pierce Again

In honor of Kevin Garnett botching the final regulation play in Game 4 against Miami:

Where's the screen, KG?
I can't shoot over LeBron
You disappoint me


  1. You should see the pass the media is giving KG here in Boston.Boston Herald says he needs to be more "selfish". Going 1 for 10 on 16 foot jumpers is losing, scoring 28 down low is winning, but they talk about him being "selfless" BS.He has only scored under 10 in six playoff games in his career ( 3 this season) - getting old - period.
    Did not get email either but here is what I wanted to tell you.Been looking for newish blogs like us looking for eyeballs. I got response, or followers, or a link on their blog from several. From my blog maybe you could contact (1) Infield Chatter, (2) Sportschatterings, (3) Mostly Sports w/J. Owens, (4)Sports HR, (5) Sports Cubicle.
    I left comments, put them in my blog list and left my address and asked them to look.
    Maybe we can help each other out.

  2. Hook up with crack-of-the bat (listed on my blog)
    they added me and told them I would let other people know