May 20, 2011

Why I Really Like LeBron James

     Fans of the NBA and sports in general love to hate LeBron James, and for a lot of different reasons.  He has a big ego, he folds under pressure, and he's trying to win a championship the easy way by joining another superstar and a half on the Heat.
     But there's one thing about LeBron that I think makes him awesome.  He has enough talent to win a scoring title every year, but instead he makes the effort to get everyone else involved.  This is a guy who says he wants to be like the Magic Johnson of the Heat:  someone who will get some points, but is most valuable because he does all the other things that will help his team win.  Very few players appreciate a good pass like LeBron James.


  1. Welcome back. Thought you won the lottery and moved to an exotic island ( Oh, wait that is my fantasysportshistory365)

  2. An exotic island would be sweet, but only if it's fairly large. I was having computer issues, which also doubles as an excuse for me not being motivated by anything happening in sports lately.

  3. i dont like LeBron James....i m big fan of La Lakers and Kobe Bryant