June 7, 2011

The One Instance When "Vacation" Is A Bad Thing

     I love strange occurrences in sports.  I love when a 7-9 team makes the playoffs, when an NBA player plays 85 games in one regular season, when a team throws a no-hitter and loses, and things like that.  But I draw the line at vacating wins, championships, and awards that have already been earned.  The idea that something happened and then suddenly didn't is just too weird for me.
     Consider these cases:  In 2008, Kansas won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament after beating a team that officially went 0-0 that year.  The 1996 Atlantic-10 champion, UMass, went 30-5 but did not officially play in the NCAA Tournament.  Nobody won the 2005 Heisman Trophy.  USC played Oklahoma in the 2004 BCS National Championship, but no team won the championship that year.
     Another problem I have with vacating things is that nobody takes it seriously.  Nobody would say that USC has won 4 BCS bowls.  Most would say they won 5, but one got vacated.  So what's the point?  It's still there.  It's impossible to make something un-happen.  The NCAA and BCS should worry more about preventive measures like removing scholarships and postseason bans, instead of trying to change history.

     On a lighter note, this whole lack of a 2004 champion would make for a great ESPN special in 2024.  Imagine:  The losers of the championship game, Oklahoma, taking on Auburn, the team that should have gotten in that game instead of the ineligible USC, in a football game 20 years after the fact, with bragging rights on the line.  Not with college players, but with the very alumni that were affected.  There would be very few things better than watching middle-aged Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown, and Adrian Peterson in one last hurrah for the pride of their alma mater.  This needs to happen.

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  1. Nice job - you seemed fired up - going to set up a link

  2. Wow, thanks! I thought it would be one of those posts that I did just to get something down, but apparently it worked. I'm glad I added a preview of things to come for all your adoring fans to see!