June 11, 2011

Why I'm Rooting For An NFL Lockout

     That's right, I said it.  I'd like to see an NFL lockout.  Yes, I mean one that lasts into the season.  Before you come after me with all manners of weapons, let me explain.  One reason we like to watch sports is the possibility that we'll see something we've never seen before.  I've been watching football for roughly ten years, and in that time span I've seen an 0-16 team, a 16-0 team, a 5-seed beat an 18-0 team to win the Super Bowl thanks to a near-sack followed by a helmet-aided catch, a 7-9 team make the playoffs, an 11-5 team miss the playoffs, a rookie set a single-game rushing yard record, two 2,000-yard rushing seasons, a 6th-round draft pick win 3 Super Bowls and throw 50 TD's in one season, and Chad Johnson putt a football with a pylon.
     But every year, each team played 16 regular season games and 4 or 5 preseason games.  I find the lockout fresh and interesting.  I'm curious to see what an 8-game season feels like.  Maybe the extra pressure of each game would make for better, more exciting football.  And I could probably get my fix of football for the other 8 weeks by watching college or the UFL.  It wouldn't be terrible.  If people have to turn to the UFL, maybe it will gain momentum and we'll have even more quality football to watch in years to come.

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