July 23, 2011

The Greatness Scale Experiment, Featuring NFL Quarterbacks: Part 1

     This is the beginning of a project that involves assigning a numerical value to greatness, starting with NFL quarterbacks.  How awesome and old do you have to be to be considered better than someone less awesome but older?  (Think Brady vs. Manning)  Who should you think is the best QB ever?  What are the most important stats to you?  These are questions that will hopefully be answered.  If you want your own personal Greatness Scale, start out by rating these players' careers (if they retired today) on a scale from 1 to 10.  Use as many decimals as you need.

Boomer Esiason
Brett Favre
Dan Fouts
Dan Marino
Dave Krieg
Donovan McNabb
Drew Bledsoe
Fran Tarkenton
Joe Montana
John Elway
Johnny Unitas
Kerry Collins
Peyton Manning
Vinny Testaverde
Warren Moon

I'll write more later once I get farther with the project.

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