July 25, 2011

NFL Predict The Season Contest

     For the last few years, I've tried holding this contest at whatever sports discussion place I was at, and it never stuck.  But I think this could be the year it actually happens.  It's simpler than you might think after reading the last two sentences:  Try to guess the record of each NFL team, as well as playoff winners.  Whoever's closest wins.

     Just fill out the sample form at the end of the post, and then pick your winners for the entire playoffs.  The deadline will probably be late August or something, so take as much time as you need.  You should have a total of 256 wins for the regular season, and the totals in the conferences and divisions should be mathematically possible.  (I'll let you know if any of that isn't right in your prediction.)  The scoring works like this:

1. You will receive 160 points once your entry is submitted (5 for each team).

2. You will lose one point for each win your prediction for each team differed from its actual record.

3. If you correctly predict the number of wins for a certain team, you will receive one extra point.

4. Ties are counted as 0.5 wins.

5. You will receive points for each team that you predicted would be alive in each round of the playoffs as follows:

Wild Card Weekend- (12 predictions)- 1 point each
Divisional Round- (8 predictions)- 2 points each
Conference Championships- (4 predictions)- 5 points each
Super Bowl- (2 predictions)- 10 points each
Super Bowl Winner- (1 prediction)- 20 points

Let's make this work, and may the NFL season be awesome!

SAMPLE FORM (with numbers that I may have used last year):

AFC East

Buffalo 8
Miami 7
New England 10
New York Jets 11

AFC North

Baltimore 9
Cincinnati 12
Cleveland 4
Pittsburgh 6

AFC South

Houston 7
Indianapolis 12
Jacksonville 3
Tennessee 5

AFC West

Denver 5
Kansas City 6
Oakland 7
San Diego 11

NFC East

Dallas 11
New York Giants 10
Philadelphia 12
Washington 7

NFC North

Chicago 7
Detroit 3
Green Bay 10
Minnesota 11

NFC South

Atlanta 8
Carolina 9
New Orleans 11
Tampa Bay 5

NFC West

Arizona 8
San Francisco 9
Seattle 8
St. Louis 4

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