July 26, 2011

QB Greatness Scale, Part 4: Weird Findings

-Matt Hasselbeck, whose career has been outrageously average, scored a 185.0 on the Greatness Scale.  The highest score was Joe Montana's 237.1.  Remember those as reference points.

 -JaMarcus Russell's career so far tests out at a 120.4.  Ryan Leaf's was a 98.5.  That puts that issue to rest for me.

-The worst player I could find with at least 50 attempts:  former Chicago Bear Henry Burris (40.6).

-Craig Nall had one of the strangest NFL careers you'll ever see.  In 48 career pass attempts, he amassed 402 yards and a 123.8 QB rating.  He threw 5 TD's and no interceptions.  Yet with great stats like those, he only managed to play in 7 games and never started a game.  So how does he fare on the Greatness Scale?  Shockingly well, actually.  He received a rating of 199.1, better than Boomer Esiason, Drew Bledsoe, and Warren Moon.

That must mean the formula is flawed, right?  Or could it be that our own logic is flawed?  Should Craig Nall be penalized because nobody gave him the opportunities he needed to have a lengthy career?  It's not like he could have done much better.  (Okay, even I'm not convincing myself of anything here.  Just trying to see things from a different perspective.)

Let's put Craig Nall in the Hall of Fame!

Craig Nall laughs at the pathetic career of Warren Moon.  "233 interceptions?  Really?  I never even threw one!"

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