August 4, 2011

The Best Interview In Sports

     Nyjer Morgan's latest post-game interview got a lot of exposure on ESPN a few days ago, just like the "didn't know I had the game-winning hit" interview did earlier this year.  That got me to thinking, "Is Nyjer Morgan the best interview in sports today?"  There are a lot of guys that will give you a string of cliches like "one game at a time" and "it is what it is".  Only a few give you opinions and other interesting matter.  Which current player or coach provides the most enjoyable interviews?  Let's take a closer look at the contenders for the title:

Nyjer Morgan
Strength:  You never know what he's going to say or do, but it will always be weird.  This is a guy who created a gentleman name for himself (Tony Plush) and brought in a silver Elvis wig last year for the player of the game to wear for the post-game press conference.  He has an endless supply of absurdities to use with the media.
Weakness:  He's too over-the-top for some people, and can be hard to understand at times.
Case Study:

Brian Wilson
Strength:  A general aura of awesomeness.  Whether he says funny things or just stands there with that ridiculous beard, Brian Wilson is flat-out interesting.
Weakness:  You have to sift through a lot of normal speech to get to the amazing quotes.
Case Study:

Ray Lewis
Strength:  Intensity.  Ray is always passionate when he talks, and that makes people want to pay attention.  Also, the way he phrases things is amazing, like when he described crime as, "evil, which we call crime".
Weakness:  Lack of humor, whether real or just perceived.  You never get a quote from Ray that you could laugh at and use when talking to your friends.
Case Study:

Dwight Howard
Strength:  He's a big, goofy, lovable guy.  He'll do impressions, and play pranks on other people, and pretty much anything else you ask him to do.
Weakness:  Not one to give a straightforward opinion on a subject, most of what he does is impressions and the like.
Case Study:

Ozzie Guillen
Strength:  Unpredictability.  He'll give you a hilarious quote one second and an expletive-filled tirade the next.  You never know what to expect.
Weakness:  His interviews are not child-friendly and sometimes hard to understand.
Case Study:

Ron Artest
Strength:  Personality and craziness.  He's a weird dude, and that can show up in an interview at any moment.
Weakness:  Thanks to his psychiatrist, he's much more mellow now.
Case Study:

Bart Scott
Strength:  Like Ray Lewis, Bart is very passionate.  He may never have another "Can't Wait" moment, but he's never afraid to talk trash.
Weakness:  Not as fun or unpredictable as some of the others on this list.
Case Study:

The Decision:  Ray Lewis comes close, but I just can't put him above Nyjer Morgan.

I know I missed somebody on this list.  Who do you think should be on it?

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