August 1, 2011

QB Greatness Scale, Part 5: The Active Player Leaderboard

     For anyone that missed the first four Greatness Scale posts or wants to re-read them, here are some links for you:

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Part 2:  All-Time Best QB's
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Part 4:  Weird Findings and Other Randoms

     This entry was originally going to be about what Peyton Manning had to do to beat Joe Montana in the GS and what Tom Brady had to do to beat both of them and other things like that, but I couldn't work up the passion or interest to do it properly. So instead you get the Active Player Leaderboard, which I will randomly update throughout the NFL season.

Current Greatness Scale Standings for Active Players:
1. Peyton Manning, 235.0 points (2nd out of the 49 all-time QB's I ran the numbers for)
2. Tom Brady, 231.5 points (4th overall)
3. Philip Rivers, 211.5 points (12th overall)
4. Ben Roethlisberger, 211.0 points (13th overall)
5. Drew Brees, 208.7 points (15th overall)
6. Tony Romo, 204.8 points (18th overall)
7. Aaron Rodgers, 201.9 points (20th overall)
8. Donovan McNabb, 200.0 points (24th overall)
9. Chad Pennington, 198.4 points (26th overall)
10. Mark Brunell, 192.3 points (28th overall)

     Did you like the Greatness Scale Project?  If so, what other things should it rate?  Do you agree with the rankings it provided?  And is it still too early for a BCS post?

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