August 6, 2011

Railing Against The "Total Quarterback Rating"

     I feel the need to rant, because ESPN thinks they can replace the Passer Rating I know and love.  Feel free to ignore as much of this as you want.  Here it goes:
     Who does ESPN think they are?  They think they can just come up with some kind of crazy stat and we'll all play along?  I only trust stats developed by random people in some obscure company, the way it's supposed to be done.  And what's this about passer rating being confusing?  It only uses five stats!  It's not that hard.  You want confusing?  How about a number created using an unknown number of obscure stats and video analysis?  How am I ever supposed to understand that?  I can go to ESPN to see a quarterback's TQBR in a certain game 12 hours after the game?!  I can see passer rating within a second or two!  TQBR correlates with winning more than passer rating does?  Why does that even matter?  Of course ESPN would make a metric that's biased toward winning quarterbacks.  Hey guys, there's this thing in football called defense.  Look it up.  If your defense sucks and your quarterback can't get any clutch opportunities because of it, that's not his fault.  And what's with this Year of the Quarterback thing?  That's like every year on ESPN.  You know football is 11-on-11 and not 1-on-1, right?  Maybe you read the number wrong, that's two ones.
     I'm running out of steam.  Thanks for your time.

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