December 13, 2011

Having Fun With ESPN's Playoff Machine

     Every year, ESPN adds an item to their website called the Playoff Machine.  This page allows you to pick the winner of each remaining game in the NFL season (or call it a tie), and then it works through tiebreakers and such to tell you what teams would be in the playoffs and what seeds they would occupy.  Some people like to use it to make predictions.  Others, like myself, enjoy trying to create the silliest playoff scenario possible.  I came up with one that has four degrees of silly:

1.  Kansas City wins its division at 8-8.
2.  Tennessee makes the playoffs at 10-6.
3.  The winner of the NFC East is 7-8-1.  It's Philadelphia.
4.  Arizona and Seattle are the two NFC wild cards, both with 8-7-1 records.

     Check out the above scenario here and see if you can come up with anything better.  To get the URL for your specific scenario, just click the "Copy URL" button below the NFC playoffs graphic.

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