December 10, 2011

Why I Dislike James Harrison

     A lot of football players injure their colleagues.  But James Harrison does it with the poorest tackling I've ever seen.  Every time they show a clip of him concussing somebody, it's him running at full speed into a player and sort of flailing his arms at them when he gets there.  He doesn't even try to wrap up.  He doesn't even try to lead with the shoulder.  It's embarrassing.  Were his coaches really that bad?  It bothers the heck out of me.

     Look at these big hits.  These are horrible.

     Right away I notice two things.  One:  What is he doing so high in the air?  You can't get any leverage that way.  Two:  Why are his arms above his head like that?

     Again, look at the arms.  This is a push.  I understand that McCoy was just standing there but if Harrison head was in a different spot this tackle would have dealt very little damage.  Also, why was Harrison's head so high up?  Don't be afraid to put it all the way down where it's supposed to be.  You'll be fine, James.

     Still don't know what to do during a tackle?  Please, study Ryan Clark for the next few weeks.

     Finally, a tackle that's technically sound and still painful.  The arms are wrapped around the body.  The head is below the receiver's head and the shoulder is correctly placed in the receiver's midsection.  It's beautiful.  And a lot less expensive.

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