January 3, 2012

Building The Perfect Super Bowl, Part 2

     In the first post of the series, I outlined three things that make a great Super Bowl.  In this post, I'll rate each of the 36 possible matchups for this year's championship on a scale of 1 to 10 for each category, and add up each rating to figure out the best version of Super Bowl XLVI we can get.

1.  Lead Changes and Momentum Swings:  This rating is based solely on the total number of points and the total number of turnovers recorded and allowed by each team.
2.  4th Quarter Drama:  This rating is my assessment of how likely each combination is to play a close game.
3.  Storylines:  This rating is my opinion of how interesting the stories would be for each team as well as between the two teams.  This includes things like rematches, QB matchups, the David/Goliath factor, and the almighty Tebow.
     Now for the total ratings:
     There you have it.  I want to see the Packers play the Patriots for the Lombardi Trophy.  They are the best big play teams in each conference.  They're almost mirror images of each other, so you know the game will be close.  And it will pit two of the NFL's best QB's against each other.  Tom Brady and the Patriots try to get back to their playoff-game-winning ways.  Aaron Rodgers and the Packers try to repeat as champions.  Rodgers aims to get his second title, something that Brett Favre could never accomplish.  Veterans Donald Driver and Charles Woodson try not to get hurt this time.  This would truly be an awesome Super Bowl.

Coming Soon:  Part 3, where I try to decide between Packers/Broncos and Patriots/Giants and script THE greatest Super Bowl in history.  (I was going to have Romo and the Cowboys beating the Steelers, but we all know what happened there...)

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