January 4, 2012

LSU-Alabama Will Be Higher-Scoring Than You Think


     It's the easiest prediction in sports:  things will go exactly the way they have been going.  About two months ago, LSU and Alabama played a defense-laden contest in which 15 total points were scored.  When they play again in 5 days for the BCS National Championship, experts are expecting defense to rule again.

     Past BCS championship games, though, have suggested that might not be the case.  Last year, all the hype surrounded the high-powered offenses of Oregon and Auburn, and everybody thought each team was going to put up 30, 40, or even 50 points.  They ended up with a combined 41.  Likewise, three years ago, two offensive juggernauts in Florida and Oklahoma met for the title, and they put up a grand total of 38 points.

     Now we have the opposite case.  The top two teams have highly respected defenses.  Yet both teams have a good amount of offensive talent as well, talent that will be very motivated to show that they deserve respect too.  Also, the coaching staffs for both schools will spend a lot more time trying to beat the other team's defense than working on their own.  This may not lead to a 45-38 shootout like in the Rose Bowl, but there will be a noticeable increase in points.

     I like LSU to win, 31-21.

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