January 7, 2012

Time For A Bold Prediction!

     I haven't heard anybody on TV with the guts to say this yet.  So now I'm going to do it (because I don't have any credibility anyway):

     The Broncos will beat the Steelers on Sunday.

     It's a classic "no respect" game.  Most people are treating this game as a bye week for the Steelers.  But the game is in Denver, where the change in altitude is flat-out annoying.  Roethlisberger has a shoddy ankle, and the Steelers will be missing their starting running back and a starting safety.  The Steelers just beat the lowly Browns by 4 points, in a game that could have been the difference between a first-week road game and a bye week.  Four of the last five playoff teams with non-winning records won their first game.  Between Tim Tebow, Brian Dawkins, and Champ Bailey, somebody is going to find a way to motivate this Denver team, because no one is taking them seriously.  Except me.

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