January 22, 2012

Why Patriots/Giants Is An Absolutely Horrible Matchup For Super Bowl XLVI

     Let me start with a disclaimer:  I realize that in my Building the Perfect Super Bowl series, I rated Patriots/Giants 10 out of 10 in the storyline category.  The relationship between the teams is very complex.  The Patriots are a classic Goliath, the #1 seed in the AFC and a perennial top team.  The Giants are a perfect David, a team that finished 9-7 this season and has unique strengths.  However, the Giants won the last game between the two teams, as well as Super Bowl XLII.  Each team is an underdog of sorts.
     Which leads me to my hatred of this game.  One of the most important aspects of a great football game is a team to root for.  I don't feel compelled to root for either of these teams.  The Patriots are one of the most hated teams in the NFL.  Tom Brady is annoyingly smug and humble.  Bill Belichick is annoyingly secretive.  Both of them already have 3 championship rings, and avenging their loss in Super Bowl XLII isn't going to be worth a whole lot.

     The Giants, on the other hand, were champions more recently than the Patriots, a mere 4 years ago.  No one on the team is really unlikeable (except maybe Tom Coughlin), but it doesn't feel like a Super Bowl win is that important for them.  They can't even play the underdog card, because of the two aforementioned wins they had against New England.

     Let's hope that the game itself is at least watchable.

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