February 27, 2012

I've Gained A Lot Of Respect For Reggie Bush

     Reggie Bush is a very unselfish man.  This is not someone with his own interests at heart.  Reggie is working toward the happiness of the whole world.  We needed someone to tell Kim Kardashian to go away.  We now have that man.  Props to you, Reggie Bush!  You are doing the human race a huge favor.

February 25, 2012

2012 Slam Dunk Contest Thoughts

     I watched most of the Slam Dunk Contest this year, and I will say it was not horrible.  There were some awesome dunks.  Jeremy Evans' assisted two-ball dunk was by far the best of the contest.  Paul George's dark arena dunk was pretty sweet, though I couldn't really tell how great his attempt really was due to the poor lighting.  Derrick Williams off-the-side-of-the-backboard 360 was nice as well.

     That being said, I really missed the theatrics of the mid-2000's dunk contests.  There were no judges this year.  So we just watched 12 dunks and suddenly, there was a winner.  There was no suspense about who was in the lead or who needed a big dunk to come back.  The no-elimination format was a dud for the same reason.  There was no real pressure for the players to make a big statement.  And some of the dunks themselves were horrendous.  A basic windmill, Chase Budinger?  Seriously?  And why bother having the clock when it stops at any random moment?  Also, what was with all the throwback jerseys?  It's not like that makes the dunk any better.

     Anyway, congrats to Jeremy Evans.  You made the show at least somewhat tolerable.  Enjoy the trophy.

I'm Not An Expert On Urine Tests, So...

...I have some questions that are either smart or not smart, depending on who's reading this.

During the extra two days, would some of the water in the urine have evaporated, thus leaving it more concentrated with testosterone?

You know how when you put food in a container and leave it in the fridge, the moisture in the food condenses on the lid of the container?  Could that have happened with the sample?

Do they even measure testosterone as a percentage of the whole sample, or do they compare it with something else that isn't water based, thus rendering the last two paragraphs moot?

I could've just looked this up on Wikipedia, but I thought it would be more awesome to put it here.

This Ryan Braun Thing Doesn't Make Any Sense

     It doesn't make sense that he would be using PED's.  He's passed over 20 tests in the last year (I think).  He took a test right after learning about the failed test, and passed that one.  A panel of arbitrators ruled that Braun is not guilty of anything.

     It doesn't make sense that he would be clean.  Just because it took the sample a couple extra days to reach its destination shouldn't have changed the contents of the sample.  He failed the drug test, and the results were never questioned.

February 23, 2012

Happy 100th To Me!!!! (And The W17L HOF Inductions)

     This is Week 17 Legend's 100th published post, which feels like a great acheivement but is really just a product of me babbling many many times.  This is exciting!  Thank you, readers, for making the Blogger experience enjoyable, and for making me feel less useless than I had before.  I don't know how I could possibly come up with another hundred posts, but I'll try my hardest to do so.

     As promised, here are the first inductees to the Week 17 Legend Hall of Fame:

Mike K.
     Mike K. was Week 17 Legend's first follower, and has posted the most comments (15) on the blog.  He runs his own blog, Sports History 365, which names historical sports moments that have happened on the current date.  (Though I'm still not sure what will happen to it after a full year.)  The links on Sports History 365, as of the time I wrote this, have been responsible for 170 of W17L's pageviews, which is just under 9% of my total pageviews.

Contrary Guy

     Contrary Guy writes my favorite blog to read, Semi-Coherent Thoughts, which is a collection of short, random, goofy ideas.  He also writes Contrary Guy, a baseball-themed blog that is pretty good, too.

Jay Sutermeister
     Jay Sutermeister runs a blog named Seasons in the Sun, a sports opinion blog not unlike the one I write.  Sutermeister's Hall of Fame credentials are simple:  He wrote an entire post on his blog in response to a comment I left.  His response post inspired one of Week 17 Legend's own posts.

     ESPN is the most popular sports-based television channel in the United States, if not the world.  ESPN's sports discussion shows were the main inspiration for Week 17 Legend, and continue to inspire many of my posts.

     Sports-Reference is where I get the information for all of Week 17 Legend's stat-based posts, such as the Greatness Scale series and the Playing "What If" With Steroid Users series.

How To Solve The NFL Labor Dispute: "Paper Slip Mediation"

     This was the first post on Week 17 Legend, and still one of my favorites.  It involved a silly idea that (in my mind) had some merit and would have been awesome.

Playing "What If" With Steroid Users: Barry Bonds Edition

     This post was the first to hit it big within my tiny network of followers, and remains the most commented-on post in Week 17 Legend's short existence.  It involved projecting Barry Bonds' career numbers without steroids, using a process I'm not even sure I understand anymore.
Playing "What If" With Potential Steroid Users: Ken Griffey Jr. Edition

     This was the first 100-pageview post on Week 17 Legend, due more to its appearance on Google searches than its own merit.  However, it remains one of my personal favorites because it added an element of storytelling to a bunch of formula results.  What would've happened had Ken Griffey Jr. used steroids?  The numbers came out really strange, so I tried to piece them together with a storyline.

Why BCS Lovers Should Rethink Their Stance

     Another personal favorite, because it completely changed my mind on an idea I am very passionate about: the BCS.  It revolved around these questions:  What if we knew exactly how good each FBS team was before the season?  How often would the true best team win the title under each type of playoff scenario?  Spoiler:  I love the BCS, but it did horribly in this test.

Why Patriots/Giants Is An Absolutely Horrible Matchup For Super Bowl XLVI

     This is the most prolific post in Week 17 Legend history, with 174 pageviews.  It had over 70 views the day before the Super Bowl.  Why?  It was on the first page of results under the Google search "patriots giants".  I feel good knowing that 174 people heard my complaints about the Super Bowl.

     There you have it:  the inaugural class of the Week 17 Legend Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to those who made the cut!  To those who didn't, I apologize.  Please don't stop reading this blog.

     Have a great day, everybody!


The Lockout Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To The NBA

     Okay, maybe not ever.  But consider:

1.  We've all forgotten that the lockout even happened.

2.  Without the lockout, the Chris Paul trade drama may have never happened, and we would have been stuck with Chris Paul on the Lakers instead of the Clippers.

3.  We're all shocked that the All-Star break is upon us so quickly.  This is a good thing.  The NBA season should not be longer than 66 games, especially when the playoffs last two months.  I know it would mess with the record books and the owners' pockets, but I'd love to see the shortened schedule every year, with Christmas as Opening Day.  It would be huge!

February 20, 2012

Introducing The Week 17 Legend Hall Of Fame

     A collection of things that this blog loves and thinks should be honored.  This includes posts on Week 17 Legend, other blogs whose writers have interacted with W17L or that are just awesome reading material, real-life sports figures, and other stuff that has contributed to the self-proclaimed greatness of this blog.

     The Hall will induct one member for every 10 posts on the blog, at whatever time I choose to induct them at.  The first entrants will be announced in my 100th post, which is two posts after this one.  Do you have what it takes to be enshrined?

February 17, 2012

Readers, I Need Your Help Again (Please?)

     This blog's 100th post is fast approaching, and I want it to be something special.  Right now I'm considering a post in which I analyze how many posts I've done involving each label, or possibly of Hall of Fame post.  However, I'm also open to any other suggestions.  When answering this question, keep in mind that my one-year celebration is in a few months and I want something awesome for that too.

     Thanks!  You are awesome!

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest Is Officialy Dead

     I saw some sad news on the ESPN Bottom Line ticker today:  the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest has a new format this year.  One round, three dunks from each competitor, and the winner is chosen by fan voting.  The one-round part has me a little miffed, but I also understand that the dunkers save their best stuff for the finals, and because two of them would miss the finals, we wouldn't get to see those dunks.  I'm okay with one round.

     But fan voting?  Fans never do the right thing.  Fans vote for their favorites instead of who deserves it.  Fans vote Justin Bieber as Celebrity Game MVP despite his 27% shooting, being on the losing team, and scoring 9 fewer points than Scottie Pippen.  Fans vote old guys like Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson into the All-Star Game.  Fans vote for Blake Griffin, who jumped over a car, instead of JaVale McGee, who had two of the coolest contest dunks I've ever seen last year.

     (Side note:  When are people going to get over dunking over something?  It's just jumping really high and executing a basic dunk.  Not really that creative.)

     You're never going to get a true dunk champion with fan voting, you'll only learn who the most popular person is.  Give me five guys judging each dunk on a scale of 1-10, because they'll actually reward the best competitor.

     All that being said, I will probably still watch this year.

February 16, 2012

Can We Please Slow Down With This "Linsanity" Thing?

     Two weeks ago, nobody besides Harvard basketball fans, Golden State fans, and Knicks fans knew who Jeremy Lin was.  Now he leads every show on ESPN, his home fans are chanting "MVP" for him, and Dan Le Batard wonders if he should be an All-Star??!?!!  He has 6 starts!  His first three starts resulted in a unique combination of stats that only LeBron had managed in his first three starts.  I'll admit that's impressive.  But anybody can have a good 6-game run in the NBA.  Why is this such a big deal?  Is it because he plays in New York?  That's the only reason I can think of, and a horrible one at that.  The Knicks are 15-15.  Players on mediocre teams have good stretches.  It happens.  Everybody calm down.

February 10, 2012

NFL QB Greatness Scale: Best Of 2011

     The best quarterback of the 2011 NFL season was......Matt Flynn????????

"I'm better than Rodgers and everybody knows it!"

     Not quite, as Flynn only threw 49 passes this year, which means his advanced passing stats didn't show up his own Pro-Football-Reference page, but only on the website's search engine.  This is my de facto qualification for counting a season on the Greatness Scale, meaning that if Flynn had thrown one more pass this year, he would be my official Best QB of 2011.

     I really dodged a bullet on that one.

     So allow me to congratulate his teammate Aaron Rodgers on winning W17L's Best QB of 2011 Award.  His 255.3 GS rating bested Drew Brees' 238.4 and Tom Brady's 222.9.


     Andy Dalton wins Rookie QB of the Year with a 163.9 score, barely edging out Cam Newton's 160.7.

     6 more posts until Number 100!

February 9, 2012

The NFL QB Greatness Scale Returns: 2011 Wrap-Up

     Now that the fine people at pro-football-reference.com have compiled their advanced passing stats for 2011, I can update the QB Greatness Scale (explained here and here), thus providing another post on my quest for 100.

     Each entry on the Active Player Leaderboard will be accompanied by their pre- and post-2011 point total, active ranking, and overall ranking among the 46 all-time QB's I collected data for.

QB Greatness Scale Active Player Leaderboard:

1. Tom Brady
     Now:  236.5 points, 2nd overall
     Pre-2011:  231.5 points, 4th overall, 2nd active

2. Peyton Manning
     Now:  235.0 points, 3rd overall
     Pre-2011:  235.0 points, 2nd overall, 1st active

3. Aaron Rodgers
     Now:  218.6 points, 9th overall
     Pre-2011:  201.9 points, 20th overall, 7th active

4. Drew Brees
     Now:  216.9 points, 10th overall
     Pre-2011:  208.7 points, 16th overall, 5th active

5. Ben Roethlisberger
     Now:  212.5 points, 13th overall
     Pre-2011:  211.0 points, 13th overall, 4th active

6. Philip Rivers
     Now:  209.3 points, 16th overall
     Pre-2011:  211.5 points, 12th overall, 3rd active

7. Tony Romo
     Now:  207.1 points, 17th overall
     Pre-2011:  204.8 points, 18th overall, 6th active

8. Donovan McNabb
     Now:  199.2 points, 24th overall
     Pre-2011:  200.0 points, 24th overall, 8th active

9. Chad Pennington
     Now:  198.4 points, 26th overall
     Pre-2011:  198.4 points, 26th overall, 9th active

10. Mark Brunell
     Now:  192.3 points, 28th overall
     Pre-2011:  192.3 points, 28th overall, 10th active

     The most noteworthy change is Tom Brady passing Steve Young and Peyton Manning to move into 2nd all-time, just 0.6 points behind Joe Montana. 

     The biggest winner of the season was Aaron Rodgers, who gained an outrageous 16.7 points to move into the all-time top 10.  It sounds ridiculous that a 4-year starter is a top-10 all-time quarterback, but he has taken his game to an insane level.

     Drew Brees' record-setting season has also moved him into the top 10, past such greats as John Elway, Bart Starr, and Johnny Unitas.

     Philip Rivers was the only player in the Active Leaderboard to drop more than one spot in the overall rankings this year.

     Behind Mark Brunell on the list are Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub, Matt Hasselbeck, and Carson Palmer.

     Media darling Eli Manning is right behind those five on the list, with 184.9 points.  And that even accounts for his 8 playoff wins and 69-50 regular season record.  But we can't forget that his career QB rating, in the pass-friendly 2000's, is only 82.1.

Coming Soon:  The Best QB's of 2011

February 7, 2012

My Suggestion For The NFL Playoffs

     I whined a lot about the NFL playoffs yesterday, without offering much in the way of a solution.  I was originally considering something that used the divisions but less so than the current system, but it doesn't make much sense to me to use them at all.  The conferences in NCAA have nothing to do with the championship picture; they just allow teams to travel less.  Why not make the NFL's divisions the same way?

     This can't get much simpler:  Take the top 4 teams in each conference, by record, regardless of their place in their respective division.  Put them in two standard 4-team single-elimination tournaments, with the higher seed getting the home game.  That means no more high-seed bye week, which hurts teams more than it helps them.  That means no more 7-9 teams in the playoffs.  That means the Steelers would have played at 12-4 Baltimore this year rather than at 8-8 Denver.  (Side note:  This makes me sad as Steelers/Broncos was my favorite game this season.)

     Sure, there wouldn't be as many underdogs winning the championship.  But the ones that do would be even more special.

February 6, 2012

You Think The BCS Is Bad? Look At The NFL!

     The National Football League just awarded its championship to a team with a 13-7 record.  Six teams (Packers, Saints, 49ers, Patriots, Steelers, Ravens) finished with a better winning percentage, even when you include their playoff losses.  Over the span of the 20 games they played, the almighty Giants scored 40 more points than their opponents, a stat in which 9 teams fared better over their entire schedule.  Despite their official championship, it's pretty clear that the Giants weren't the best team in the league this year.

     So where's the outrage?  Why aren't people like Woody Paige and Michael Wilbon complaining about the NFL's shamelessly forgiving playoff system?  Every year brings a wave of media people and random fans calling for the end of the BCS.  Yet the BCS has always provided a champion with one of the top 3 records in Division I-A.  I'd rather leave a 3rd place team out of the championship picture than let too many teams have a shot at it.  Winning a title shouldn't be about being above average for 16 games and then great for 4.  It should require high performance throughout the season, and the NFL playoffs need to change to reflect that.