February 25, 2012

2012 Slam Dunk Contest Thoughts

     I watched most of the Slam Dunk Contest this year, and I will say it was not horrible.  There were some awesome dunks.  Jeremy Evans' assisted two-ball dunk was by far the best of the contest.  Paul George's dark arena dunk was pretty sweet, though I couldn't really tell how great his attempt really was due to the poor lighting.  Derrick Williams off-the-side-of-the-backboard 360 was nice as well.

     That being said, I really missed the theatrics of the mid-2000's dunk contests.  There were no judges this year.  So we just watched 12 dunks and suddenly, there was a winner.  There was no suspense about who was in the lead or who needed a big dunk to come back.  The no-elimination format was a dud for the same reason.  There was no real pressure for the players to make a big statement.  And some of the dunks themselves were horrendous.  A basic windmill, Chase Budinger?  Seriously?  And why bother having the clock when it stops at any random moment?  Also, what was with all the throwback jerseys?  It's not like that makes the dunk any better.

     Anyway, congrats to Jeremy Evans.  You made the show at least somewhat tolerable.  Enjoy the trophy.


  1. i thought it was gay the dunks are always the same budinger did a dunk that derrick williams did and i hate how people use props now if there were no props the dunks would be normal they arent creative no more the 2000 dunk contest had no props and they are way better than the dunks today

  2. Yeah, Budinger copying Williams was hilariously bad. I don't mind props but you have to do something cool with them. Dunking an extra ball or using an extra hoop is awesome. Having someone else pass it to you is good. But jumping over random stuff, putting on a throwback jersey/Superman cape, or turning out the lights does not make a dunk any more spectacular.