February 16, 2012

Can We Please Slow Down With This "Linsanity" Thing?

     Two weeks ago, nobody besides Harvard basketball fans, Golden State fans, and Knicks fans knew who Jeremy Lin was.  Now he leads every show on ESPN, his home fans are chanting "MVP" for him, and Dan Le Batard wonders if he should be an All-Star??!?!!  He has 6 starts!  His first three starts resulted in a unique combination of stats that only LeBron had managed in his first three starts.  I'll admit that's impressive.  But anybody can have a good 6-game run in the NBA.  Why is this such a big deal?  Is it because he plays in New York?  That's the only reason I can think of, and a horrible one at that.  The Knicks are 15-15.  Players on mediocre teams have good stretches.  It happens.  Everybody calm down.

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