February 23, 2012

Happy 100th To Me!!!! (And The W17L HOF Inductions)

     This is Week 17 Legend's 100th published post, which feels like a great acheivement but is really just a product of me babbling many many times.  This is exciting!  Thank you, readers, for making the Blogger experience enjoyable, and for making me feel less useless than I had before.  I don't know how I could possibly come up with another hundred posts, but I'll try my hardest to do so.

     As promised, here are the first inductees to the Week 17 Legend Hall of Fame:

Mike K.
     Mike K. was Week 17 Legend's first follower, and has posted the most comments (15) on the blog.  He runs his own blog, Sports History 365, which names historical sports moments that have happened on the current date.  (Though I'm still not sure what will happen to it after a full year.)  The links on Sports History 365, as of the time I wrote this, have been responsible for 170 of W17L's pageviews, which is just under 9% of my total pageviews.

Contrary Guy

     Contrary Guy writes my favorite blog to read, Semi-Coherent Thoughts, which is a collection of short, random, goofy ideas.  He also writes Contrary Guy, a baseball-themed blog that is pretty good, too.

Jay Sutermeister
     Jay Sutermeister runs a blog named Seasons in the Sun, a sports opinion blog not unlike the one I write.  Sutermeister's Hall of Fame credentials are simple:  He wrote an entire post on his blog in response to a comment I left.  His response post inspired one of Week 17 Legend's own posts.

     ESPN is the most popular sports-based television channel in the United States, if not the world.  ESPN's sports discussion shows were the main inspiration for Week 17 Legend, and continue to inspire many of my posts.

     Sports-Reference is where I get the information for all of Week 17 Legend's stat-based posts, such as the Greatness Scale series and the Playing "What If" With Steroid Users series.

How To Solve The NFL Labor Dispute: "Paper Slip Mediation"

     This was the first post on Week 17 Legend, and still one of my favorites.  It involved a silly idea that (in my mind) had some merit and would have been awesome.

Playing "What If" With Steroid Users: Barry Bonds Edition

     This post was the first to hit it big within my tiny network of followers, and remains the most commented-on post in Week 17 Legend's short existence.  It involved projecting Barry Bonds' career numbers without steroids, using a process I'm not even sure I understand anymore.
Playing "What If" With Potential Steroid Users: Ken Griffey Jr. Edition

     This was the first 100-pageview post on Week 17 Legend, due more to its appearance on Google searches than its own merit.  However, it remains one of my personal favorites because it added an element of storytelling to a bunch of formula results.  What would've happened had Ken Griffey Jr. used steroids?  The numbers came out really strange, so I tried to piece them together with a storyline.

Why BCS Lovers Should Rethink Their Stance

     Another personal favorite, because it completely changed my mind on an idea I am very passionate about: the BCS.  It revolved around these questions:  What if we knew exactly how good each FBS team was before the season?  How often would the true best team win the title under each type of playoff scenario?  Spoiler:  I love the BCS, but it did horribly in this test.

Why Patriots/Giants Is An Absolutely Horrible Matchup For Super Bowl XLVI

     This is the most prolific post in Week 17 Legend history, with 174 pageviews.  It had over 70 views the day before the Super Bowl.  Why?  It was on the first page of results under the Google search "patriots giants".  I feel good knowing that 174 people heard my complaints about the Super Bowl.

     There you have it:  the inaugural class of the Week 17 Legend Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to those who made the cut!  To those who didn't, I apologize.  Please don't stop reading this blog.

     Have a great day, everybody!


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  1. Congrats for the 100th post. Came here from Coffee House.

    best wishes for future blogging.