February 17, 2012

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest Is Officialy Dead

     I saw some sad news on the ESPN Bottom Line ticker today:  the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest has a new format this year.  One round, three dunks from each competitor, and the winner is chosen by fan voting.  The one-round part has me a little miffed, but I also understand that the dunkers save their best stuff for the finals, and because two of them would miss the finals, we wouldn't get to see those dunks.  I'm okay with one round.

     But fan voting?  Fans never do the right thing.  Fans vote for their favorites instead of who deserves it.  Fans vote Justin Bieber as Celebrity Game MVP despite his 27% shooting, being on the losing team, and scoring 9 fewer points than Scottie Pippen.  Fans vote old guys like Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson into the All-Star Game.  Fans vote for Blake Griffin, who jumped over a car, instead of JaVale McGee, who had two of the coolest contest dunks I've ever seen last year.

     (Side note:  When are people going to get over dunking over something?  It's just jumping really high and executing a basic dunk.  Not really that creative.)

     You're never going to get a true dunk champion with fan voting, you'll only learn who the most popular person is.  Give me five guys judging each dunk on a scale of 1-10, because they'll actually reward the best competitor.

     All that being said, I will probably still watch this year.

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