February 10, 2012

NFL QB Greatness Scale: Best Of 2011

     The best quarterback of the 2011 NFL season was......Matt Flynn????????

"I'm better than Rodgers and everybody knows it!"

     Not quite, as Flynn only threw 49 passes this year, which means his advanced passing stats didn't show up his own Pro-Football-Reference page, but only on the website's search engine.  This is my de facto qualification for counting a season on the Greatness Scale, meaning that if Flynn had thrown one more pass this year, he would be my official Best QB of 2011.

     I really dodged a bullet on that one.

     So allow me to congratulate his teammate Aaron Rodgers on winning W17L's Best QB of 2011 Award.  His 255.3 GS rating bested Drew Brees' 238.4 and Tom Brady's 222.9.


     Andy Dalton wins Rookie QB of the Year with a 163.9 score, barely edging out Cam Newton's 160.7.

     6 more posts until Number 100!

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