February 9, 2012

The NFL QB Greatness Scale Returns: 2011 Wrap-Up

     Now that the fine people at pro-football-reference.com have compiled their advanced passing stats for 2011, I can update the QB Greatness Scale (explained here and here), thus providing another post on my quest for 100.

     Each entry on the Active Player Leaderboard will be accompanied by their pre- and post-2011 point total, active ranking, and overall ranking among the 46 all-time QB's I collected data for.

QB Greatness Scale Active Player Leaderboard:

1. Tom Brady
     Now:  236.5 points, 2nd overall
     Pre-2011:  231.5 points, 4th overall, 2nd active

2. Peyton Manning
     Now:  235.0 points, 3rd overall
     Pre-2011:  235.0 points, 2nd overall, 1st active

3. Aaron Rodgers
     Now:  218.6 points, 9th overall
     Pre-2011:  201.9 points, 20th overall, 7th active

4. Drew Brees
     Now:  216.9 points, 10th overall
     Pre-2011:  208.7 points, 16th overall, 5th active

5. Ben Roethlisberger
     Now:  212.5 points, 13th overall
     Pre-2011:  211.0 points, 13th overall, 4th active

6. Philip Rivers
     Now:  209.3 points, 16th overall
     Pre-2011:  211.5 points, 12th overall, 3rd active

7. Tony Romo
     Now:  207.1 points, 17th overall
     Pre-2011:  204.8 points, 18th overall, 6th active

8. Donovan McNabb
     Now:  199.2 points, 24th overall
     Pre-2011:  200.0 points, 24th overall, 8th active

9. Chad Pennington
     Now:  198.4 points, 26th overall
     Pre-2011:  198.4 points, 26th overall, 9th active

10. Mark Brunell
     Now:  192.3 points, 28th overall
     Pre-2011:  192.3 points, 28th overall, 10th active

     The most noteworthy change is Tom Brady passing Steve Young and Peyton Manning to move into 2nd all-time, just 0.6 points behind Joe Montana. 

     The biggest winner of the season was Aaron Rodgers, who gained an outrageous 16.7 points to move into the all-time top 10.  It sounds ridiculous that a 4-year starter is a top-10 all-time quarterback, but he has taken his game to an insane level.

     Drew Brees' record-setting season has also moved him into the top 10, past such greats as John Elway, Bart Starr, and Johnny Unitas.

     Philip Rivers was the only player in the Active Leaderboard to drop more than one spot in the overall rankings this year.

     Behind Mark Brunell on the list are Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub, Matt Hasselbeck, and Carson Palmer.

     Media darling Eli Manning is right behind those five on the list, with 184.9 points.  And that even accounts for his 8 playoff wins and 69-50 regular season record.  But we can't forget that his career QB rating, in the pass-friendly 2000's, is only 82.1.

Coming Soon:  The Best QB's of 2011

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