March 19, 2012

A Thought On Peyton Manning's Decision

     I don't know why, but I just thought about this while writing the previous post.  Peyton Manning's decision to sign with the Denver Broncos has been compared to LeBron James' "Decision" to sign with the Miami Heat, based on the amount of press coverage both players received as free agents.  However, Peyton made the most un-LeBron choice he could have.  LeBron's decision to join a team with two other superstar players has been criticized as cowardly, while Peyton's decision to sign with a bad Broncos team will surely be painted as Manning accepting the ultimate challenge.

     But you could easily look at it the other way, though few people refuse to do so.  Peyton took the easy way out.  There's almost no pressure on him.  If the Broncos win consistently, Peyton will be given all the credit.  If they lose, it will be blamed on a poor supporting cast.  LeBron, on the other hand, chose to man up, pick the team that gave him the best chance to win, and accept the burden that came with it.  If he wins a championship, the credit will go to Dwyane Wade.  When he doesn't win the championship, as we saw last year, he gets all the blame.  LeBron is in a no-win situation, but I respect the fact that he made the best decision for his basketball career and was willing to take all the heat (no pun intended) that came with it.

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