April 8, 2012

Bubba Watson Would Make A Fantastic Golf Superstar

     Very rarely does one of the golfers I'm rooting for win a major, so let me start by congratulating Bubba Watson on his first major championship.  He's always been entertaining for fans of golf, and I'm thrilled to see that the golf gods have rewarded him for it.  Now then, onto the actual post.

     For most of the 2000's, Tiger Woods's dominance dramatically increased the popularity of golf, and his decline in the last 3 years led to extreme parity in the sport, which led to much smaller viewership and interest.  The last 14 majors have been won by 14 different golfers.  People still hang on to the hope that Tiger and Phil Mickelson will reclaim their former glory, and even though they have in small doses, they will never be as dominant as they used to go.  The world of golf is begging for a new superstar to emerge, a golfer that everyone will recognize and follow at every tournament.  Maybe it's Rory McIlroy, or Dustin Johnson, or somebody else.

     I know there's no way it will happen, but I'd love to see Bubba Watson be that guy.  I know he's already 33, but I think he's got 5 or 10 years of very good golf left in him.  Think of how awesome it would be if he won another major soon and threw in a couple more top-10 finishes.  Not necessarily a Tiger Woods-in-his-prime dominance, but a Phil Mickelson-esque, hanging around in every tournament dominance.  Everybody would love him.  He never takes himself too seriously on the course.  He seems more comfortable in the hazards than on the fairway.  He has the ability to hit any kind of crazy shot he needs to.  And his reaction to winning the Masters shows that he has a real passion for golf.  I'm sure the PGA Tour would love to have him as the face of their company.

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