April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday To Week 17 Legend!!!!

     Exactly one year ago, give or take a few hours, a blog was born with a mission to get people to view sports in new and unique ways.  Ways that you couldn't find on ESPN, or in magazines, or on countless other sports websites.  That blog was Week 17 Legend.  And while we may have failed miserably at that objective, the past 366 days have been very eventful in this little corner of the Internet.

     We created a golf course, fixed Barry Bonds' career stat line, gave Ken Griffey Jr. imaginary steroids, created a formula for rating QB greatness, disproved the BCS, imagined the greatest Super Bowl ever, dueled with Peter King and WhatIfSports, opened a Hall of Fame, and committed many other general acts of awesomeness.  I can only hope the following year is just as interesting as the first.

     And to you, dear reader:  thank you.  Out of the millions of blogs out there, you took the time to read, and sometimes even interact with, this one.  And I appreciate that a lot.  (I got sick of referring to myself in the plural form.  Deal with it.)

     So as a bonus, now that the yearly sports cycle has concluded, I'd like to take a look at my post labels and see how well I did.  (Keep in mind that I've published 118 posts.)


NFL - 59
NBA - 16
Golf - 15
NCAA Football - 15
MLB - 13
NCAA Basketball - 2
NHL - 1
Soccer - 1
Swimming - 1
Tennis - 1

     It's become obvious to me that I'm way too interested in the NFL, and football in general, considering over half of my posts are related to football in some way.  I'm surprised that the NBA is second and not golf, because I feel like I enjoy golf a lot more.  I've mentioned eight different sports in this blog so far, a pretty respectable number in my opinion.  The most impressive part:  I managed to reference swimming in a post.  Props to me!


Greatness Scale - 8
ESPN - 4
Haiku - 3
May Of Greatness - 3
Hall Of Fame - 2
Self-Analysis - 2
Fan Rulebook - 1

     This is the list of special pieces on this blog (as well as ESPN, which didn't really fit anywhere else).  I find it interesting that the only one that had continued success was the Greatness Scale, with 8 posts.  I see a lot more failed segments, like the May of Greatness (3 out of 31 days???) and the ill-fated Fan Rulebook.


Theories - 29
Shorties - 23
Statistics - 23
Solutions - 18
Awards - 8
Predictions - 8
Ranting - 7
Contests - 4
Imagination - 4
Sarcasm - 4

     As a blog built on theories, statistics, and solutions, I'm ashamed that at least 40% of my posts have contained none of those three things.  What have I been doing?!?!  The abundance of shorties hasn't helped, though they allow the time between posts to be much smaller.  Only two of the prediction posts have centered around one strong prediction; on those posts I am 1-1.  The 7 rants make me happy, though I feel I should have incorporated more sarcasm.


     I hope you enjoyed this first year of Week 17 Legend.  I look forward to birthday number two!

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