April 8, 2012

Oh, The Things I Do For My Readers

     I finished making an Excel worksheet yesterday.  It has 22,888 pieces of data.  I wanted to add a picture of it here but I couldn't find a way to make it all fit in one picture.  I assume this is not a normal activity and I'm slightly embarrassed by it.

     So why did I create this monstrosity?  For you, of course, dear reader.  (You're welcome.)  It's a chart of all 5,722 rounds completed in a 2012 PGA Tour event prior to the Masters.  For each round, I input the golfer's name, the score, the tournament "number", and which number round (1-4) it was.  I ripped the info off of Yahoo's golf section, and it took a lot less time than you would think.  The point of all of this:  to look at golf as a statistical model.  Where other sports use simple probability (either you win or the opponent wins), golf is something completely different.  What effect does a golfer's skill level have on his scores?  What effect does the course have?  How often does the best golfer actually win a tournament?  These are questions I hope to answer, and I hope you will be curious along with me.

     Also, I have a ridiculously early, formula-based, awful looking 2012 NFL prediction set in the works.  Just a heads up.

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