May 24, 2012

DJ Steve Porter Wins A Webby, And First Take Goes Tebow-Free (But Not Really)

Yes, I've used this picture three times.  Don't judge.  And what the heck ever happened to Dana Jacobson?
     First of all, congratulations to DJ Steve Porter on winning the Webby Award for the Best Video Remix/Mashup of 2011, thanks to this video.  I've been a huge fan of DJ Steve's remixes since "Press Hop" was featured on SportsNation.  The quality of the sound in his videos is awesome, despite the fact that he's changing the two main aspects of the voices, length and pitch.  Add in perfectly synched videos and excellent beats behind the voices, and you have some of the most well-crafted videos on the Internet.

     My favorite by far is this remix of the Bart Scott "Can't Wait!" interview.  As a piece of music, it's fantastic.  The background is melodic and beautiful, and it perfectly captures the feeling of the interview itself.  As a piece of comedy, it's fantastic.  There's the part at 0:24 where Bart's voice goes up.  There's the part at 0:49 where Sal Paolantonio's voice gets in on the action.  There's the ending where Bart Scott "flies" backwards.  It's a generally funny video to watch.  If this video isn't your thing, take a look at the Ray Lewis mashup (gets the adrenaline going), the Ochocinco/T.O. mashup (T.O. pointing at 2:18 makes my day), or the aforementioned "Press Hop" (just the best sports press conferences ever set to music).

     And because Steve Porter's Webby-winning entry featured Skip Bayless, star of ESPN's First Take, praising Tim Tebow, First Take decided to celebrate by doing one episode of Tebow-Free TV.  Which apparently meant Skip was not allowed to say the name of or talk about Tim Tebow, while everyone else on the show picked up the slack and then some.  Despite the erroneous title, the episode was a huge success.  Stephen A. Smith took tons of subtle and not-so-subtle jabs at Tebow, at one point looking at his phone and saying, "I just got a text from Tim Tebow.  It says, 'Can you teach me how to throw?'"  Skip made all kinds of great faces and made a point to almost say Tim Tebow but instead rant about things like Tim Duncan, Tiago Splitter, and T-bone steaks.  And somehow, despite making a conscious effort not to say Tebow's name, Skip still couldn't go two hours without doing so (he botched the name T. Boone Pickens).

     Yet even though the episode provided me with many laughs, I don't understand how a two-hour show with 124 Tebow references can be considered Tebow-Free TV.  Why not go completely Tebow-free (but get really close to mentioning him) in the manner of Sports Illustrated's Favre-free issue after his arrival in Minnesota?  You're telling me the First Take crew couldn't have come up with the debate equivalent of this gem about the competition for the Vikings' backup quarterback job?  I think they would have done an awesome job of it.

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