May 15, 2012

This Is The Top Of Michael Jordan's Page, And It's Awesome

1.  In the picture he has this confused look, like someone just said something really weird.

2.  Why in the world would I want to know his Twitter handle?

3.  Holy crap!  He's 49?!

4.  His run as Bobcats owner must be so bad that they felt it would be wrong to include it.

5.  The best part of this, by far, is the advertisement at the bottom.  That has to be the worst comparison in an ad I've ever seen.  How does being one of the top 5 NBA players ever have anything at all to do with being not the best law firm, not the best personal injury and civil litigation law firm, but the best personal injury and civil litigation law firm in San Diego?

6.  And why would a law firm that only serves San Diego spend over $1,000 to buy the rights to a page viewed all over the country and the world?  It blows my mind.  Thank you, Brandon Smith Law.

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