June 7, 2012

Adventures In NBA 2K11: Changes

October 1, 2014 - It's a new era for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  After a disappointing 32-50 season, the Cavs fired their GM and opted not to re-sign head coach Kurt Rambis, instead bringing in offensive guru Brett Leonard.  The franchise had a different feel almost immediately.  Instead of the usual carousel of draft pick trades, the Cavaliers selected a player with each of the four picks they brought into the Draft.  Instead of the normal inactivity during the free agency period, Cleveland brought in PF Patrick Patterson, PG Eric Bledsoe, and SG Ronnie Brewer.  Add in returning youngsters Donovan Hughes, Russell Wilson, and all-world center Orlando Quinn, and the Cavaliers have a good enough roster to reach the playoffs once again.

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