June 3, 2012

Adventures In NBA 2K11: Debut

     Note: I play games and simulate games with 6 minute quarters, so all references to per game and per quarter stats are the actual stats I got, but doubled.

Orlando Quinn (13) completely owns Kevin Durant (35) and Brendan Haywood on the glass

October 27, 2011 - 92. A number unsurpassed by all but one player in NBA history. A number most players can't even dream of reaching. Orlando Quinn, though, is not most players. The Cleveland Cavaliers' star center scored 92 points in the Cavs' 150-106 win tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Not only is Quinn in his first season as a pro; this was his first game as a pro. The 7'5", 340 pounder drafted out of Kentucky earned 92 points by making 40 of his 46 shots from the field and draining all 12 free throws he attempted. He also contributed 6 rebounds, 6 blocks, and 2 steals, and all of this was despite the fact that Quinn sat for most of the 4th quarter once the game got out of hand.

     Head coach Byron Scott is taking some heat for taking his star out of the game during such a historical performance, but Scott insists that the benching was a good lesson for Quinn. "It's important to show him that no player is more important than the team, even if he's got 92 points," said Scott. "The team was way ahead in this game, we didn't want Q to get injured, and we thought keeping him in good health for the next game was more important than the record. He'll have another shot at 100 [points]."

     When asked about his removal from the game, Quinn said, "I was disappointed, for sure.  To be four buckets away from the most untouchable record in the NBA, and then to not have a chance at getting it is heartbreaking.  But I have thousands of games left to play, hopefully, and one of those times I'll get another chance at it."

     Whether it was the right call or not to sit Quinn, one thing's for sure:  This is a player with a promising career, and it's going to be exciting to see just how great he can become.

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