June 5, 2012

Adventures In NBA 2K11: Deja Vu

Orlando Quinn (13) goes up for a ferocious dunk

November 30, 2013 - Orlando Quinn just played the best game of his life.  His Cleveland Cavaliers team beat the Denver Nuggets 132-104.  And the only word Quinn could use to describe the game was "frustrating".  In a post-game interview, the Cavaliers center said, "I know what I need to do.  I'm just not getting the chance to do it.  It's getting really frustrating."  What he was referring to was both his 92-point game in 2011, when he sat for most of the 4th quarter, and yesterday's game, when he scored 96 points but spent about 10 minutes on the bench in the final period.

     When asked to respond to Quinn's complaints, head coach Kurt Rambis said, "I'm not here to make people happy.  I'm here to win games.  We already had that game won, and we didn't want Orlando to get hurt or tired." 

     Even the GM got into the action, firing a shot at Rambis.  "He is here to make people happy.  It's called team chemistry.  Maybe that's why he's doing so poorly at the job he's supposed to be doing."  The GM is, of course, referencing the Cavaliers' paltry 5-12 record.

     Will all of the contention within the Cleveland organization destroy this team?  How long will Rambis and the GM be allowed to work together?  And will Orlando Quinn ever reach 100 points in one game?  Only time will tell.

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