June 7, 2012

Adventures In NBA 2K11: Getting Closer

Orlando Quinn, who scored 96 points against the Suns last night

February 3, 2014 - Cavaliers center Orlando Quinn made the next step on his quest for the 100-point game last night:  being on the court in the fourth quarter for two possessions that would have tied the record.  Midway through the fourth quarter of Cleveland's 134-86 win over the Suns, Quinn came off the bench having scored 92 points already, promptly committed a foul, and was sent back to the bench.  It seemed like he would stall yet again because of the team's stellar performance.

     But hope came with two and a half minutes remaining in the game:  the starting lineup was sent out so the bench players could get some rest.  Quinn would be on the court as long as play didn't stop.  "I told the guys, 'Whatever you do, don't foul,'" Quinn told reporters after the game.  "'Do not foul anybody.'"  The 23-year-old's request was answered, as he scored two baskets to bring his total to 96.  But on the next two possessions, passes to Quinn were tipped, with one resulting in a turnover and the other going out of bounds and stopping play.  Quinn went back to the bench, dismayed but feeling a bit of hope.

     "Those possessions are going to haunt me forever," the 1st Team All-NBA center said, "but at least I know it was my fault this time.  I just couldn't get open for the shot.  I'm getting a little closer to it every year, and now I feel like I can get there."

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