June 22, 2012

More Notes On The Heat: Battier Is Awesome, Wade Makes Me Cringe

     I don't admit to watching the Heat as much as a lot of people, but from the little bit of postseason action I watched, two people stood out to me.

     Shane Battier was the key piece that was missing from last year's Finals losers.  He brought an extra dose of intensity, hustle, great defense, and three-point shooting to this year's Heat, and it fit perfectly with the existing pieces.  He was more responsible for the championship win than anyone else not named LeBron.

     Dwyane Wade stood out for all the wrong reasons.  He's great on fast breaks, defense, and shooting right after a pass.  But there were a lot of times when he would shoot some awful 15-foot fadeaway and I would be sitting there asking, "What are you doing?"  Every time he had the ball for more than two seconds, I would just beg him not to shoot.  I can't imagine what it's been like for actual Heat fans who had to watch him every game.


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