June 22, 2012

What Else Can We Possibly Criticize LeBron For Now?

     LeBron James has now done everything he needed to do to be respected as the league's best player.  He's already a 3-time MVP and has been widely regarded as the best statistical player in the NBA.  In this year's playoffs, he had huge games just about every night, put up some massive fourth quarters, made big 3-pointers in the last minute of games, and topped it off with a championship.  He won the title by acting as the facilitator in Games 4 and 5, which proved more successful than the Kevin Durant method of shooting as much as possible.  Unless you're insane or Skip Bayless (maybe that's the same thing though), it's obvious that LeBron is the leader of his team, as Dwyane Wade disappeared in about half of the Heat's postseason games.  There's nothing left for LeBron to prove.  All he has left to do is play out the rest of his career.  Maybe it will end with a bunch of championships.  Maybe it won't.  But it's time for everyone to finally realize that LeBron James is as great as the numbers say he is.

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