August 10, 2012

3-Way NFL Preview: Recap

     To end the 3-Way NFL Preview, I offer you a recap of the best and worst teams in the projections, and links to all 8 divisional prediction posts.

Top 5 Teams (champion in bold)

W17L:  Steelers, Packers, Patriots, Ravens, Falcons
Forecaster:  Patriots, Packers, Jets, Raiders, 49ers
Random:  Raiders, Eagles, Cardinals, Jaguars, Seahawks (Packers win title as 18th best team)
Overall:  Eagles, Raiders, Ravens, Packers, Patriots
W17L plus Forecaster:  Patriots, Packers, Ravens, Eagles, 49ers

Bottom 5 Teams

W17L:  Dolphins, Seahawks, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Rams
Forecaster:  Rams, Colts, Buccaneers, Redskins, Bears
Random:  Rams, Lions, Dolphins, Colts, Broncos
Overall:  Rams, Colts, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Redskins
W17L plus Forecaster:  Rams, Colts, Buccaneers, Redskins, Browns

Sleeper Teams

W17L:  Vikings, Eagles, Chargers
Forecaster:  Vikings, Seahawks, Panthers, Jets, Raiders
Random:  Jaguars, Raiders, Eagles, Vikings, Seahawks
Overall:  Vikings, Eagles, Jaguars, Raiders
W17L plus Forecaster:  Vikings, Panthers, Eagles, Raiders

Most Likely To Drop Off

W17L:  Bengals, Cardinals, 49ers, Seahawks, Saints
Forecaster:  Steelers, Saints, Titans
Random:  Packers, Lions, Patriots, Saints, Steelers
Overall:  Saints, Packers, Lions, Steelers, 49ers
W17L plus Forecaster:  Saints, Packers, Titans, 49ers, Steelers

     For an explanation of the Forecaster and Random projections, go here.  Below are links to all 8 divisional projections:

AFC East
AFC North
AFC South
AFC West
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NFC West

     Keep your eyes peeled for my next project, my Dream Scenario for the entire 2012 NFL season!

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