September 1, 2012

I Know This Story Has Been Beaten To Death...

     ...but Washington Nationals, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE don't shut down Stephen Strasburg.  Of all the dumb ideas I've seen in the world of sports, this might be the worst.  Ever.  You're going to stop playing your best pitcher during a playoff run just to keep him from getting injured.  When exactly do you plan to let him pitch for a full year?  Some season in the future when you're the best team in the league and he becomes an elite pitcher?  Guess what?  That's right now!  You're the Washington Nationals!  You've had 6 consecutive losing seasons before this one, 4 of which saw you finish last in your division.  The only reason you have young talent like Strasburg and Bryce Harper is because you've been such an awful team.  After 6 terrible years, what makes you think this single year represents some sort of trend?  Unless you're the 2008 Rays, every surprise team goes back to being decent at best the next year.  And even the Rays lost 13 more games in '09 than '08. 

     Basically, this is it, Nationals.  This is the best chance you'll have for a long, long time to win the World Series.  You might not even get to the playoffs again with Strasburg, especially since Harper's going to bolt for New York the first chance he gets.  Even if the idea that pitching for only 160-180 innings per season protects you from injury was true, you should be pitching Strasburg every 5 games for the whole year, and then every 3 in the playoffs.  Go all in!  If he gets hurt, at least he got hurt doing his job during an epic playoff run and not during some 70-92 season five years from now.  You can't afford to hold back this year and hope you make the playoffs again, especially when you have the best record in the major leagues.  This is your one chance at greatness, and you need Strasburg to get there.

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